Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dial Nutri Skin Body Wash with Cherry Seed Oil

Dial Nutri Skin Body Wash is easily the prettiest shower gel I have ever tried - Just look at the pink gel base, red bubbles, pink lid with yellow accent! For a shower gel, this has a consistency that's quite viscous (more so than many cream washes) and a little bit produces quite a bit of foam (not pathetic watery bubble that burst within seconds, but actually thick and creamy foam). As soon as the red beads burst, a fresh cherry scent (more like pickle cherries on cocktail) is released along with the fruit oil, which feels light and moisturizing and rinse off without residue.

Overall: Looks good, smells great and works wonderfully...I would totally ditch soap if most body washes are like this...Actually, I am ready for repurchase (they are buy on get one free at Walgreens right now)
Both the green nutri-skin (with grape seed oil) and the yogurt formula seem really tempting.
More body washes at drugstore - Soft Soap Body Butter collection - The strawberry smoother sounds like it's going to smell amazing.
Ultra Rich Shea Butter Creme, Raspberry Sorbet Almond Blossom, Sweet Honeysuckle Orange Peel
I used to love the Caress daily silk body wash (as they were rich, moisturizing and come with a gentle scent) but when I purchased it last year, it seemed that the newer formula (of the same thing) is a lot runnier. Hate it when companies do things like that, every time a product get insanely popular, they would either raise the price (which is not practical for products like shampoo and body wash) or introduced a new, watered down formula (I stopped liking Clairol shampoo for the same reason).

Dove Ultra Rich Velvet, Shea Butter, Visible Care body wash (which I am not that interested in, as my body wash to-try list is kind of long right now)

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