Saturday, April 28, 2012

Revlon Scented Treats Limited Edition Nail Color - Summer 2012

A limited edition display from Revlon - Scented Treats Nail Enamel. Lucky for my wallet, none of the shades is that unique (I do want to grab all of the macarons in the picture though).
The only two shades I remember are Mint Gelato (which actually smells nice/natural, according to that scratchy sticker) and Strawberry and Cream.


  1. I never understood why nail polish has to be scented? all
    People do so many things with their hands, do they really want to smell them at the end of the day?

    Yeah the colors don't look that unique

  2. Just bought the new Mint Gelato scented treat nail polish by Revlon. Well worth the price, nails smell delish and it's just a small detail that adds a bit of fun!! Will be going back to the store to collect a couple more bottles.


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