Saturday, April 28, 2012

Red Revisit - Laura Mercier Mulberry Stained

This is a short revisit post for Laura Mercier Lip Stain Mulberry (and 2 other red glosses) since (despite its name) I never photograph it as a stain.
Red Patent, NYC Mulberry, Cherry Boost, Laura Mercier, Red Riot
When applied in a sheer layer with a finger, Mulberry gives an even tint. The brown tone balances off the purple in my lives and gives them a nice berry tint (that can be wiped off easily) . I don't get why they call it a stain since the product itself pretty much feels like a (not even moisturizing) lipstick. Anyway, it was a GWP  so it's no biggie.
Rimmel Cherry Boost - I used way too many layer for my review so this is how a normal 1-2 coats looks like (of course it dried up in no time)
Babypink Lip Jelly in Mulberry - The range used to be an all time favorite but then it became so hard to find...


  1. What a pretty red - looks great for everyday :)

  2. Absolutely no idea why it's called a stain, but still very pretty! But i'm quite a bit more fond of the look of the lip jelly >w>


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