Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NYC City Sweets Limited Edition Collection

When I saw the NYC City Sweets Limited Edition Collection display at a CVS (miles away from where I live) ...I totally dropped a silent f-bomb. Come on, do you guys have to release a collection like this, when I just (sort of) swore my oath of no-buy (last Friday)? Well, I guess I will postpone my plan by a bit.
In a New York Minute Quick Dry nail polish in City Sweets Pink, Lavender Cupcake and Mint Macaron (what a cute name! I almost picked it up but then I realized that I prefer those minty green/light teal from Sinful Colors...the bottles are cuter anyway).
Soho Delight Eyeshadow Duo, Cheek Glow powder blush in Chelsea Coral (which actually looks a little brownish under the store lighting. I don't like the formula anyway so it's ok for me...) and some stickers...
Kiss Gloss in Violet Candy (dusty lilac pink), Strawberry Lollipop (a cute raspberry pink jelly) , Peach Parfait  - Cityproof long wearing lipgloss in Tangerine Crush (a shimmer-free orange coral. You know I just had to cave on this one), Nude at Night and Always Sweet.


  1. If you have a Rite Aid nearby, NYC products are 40% off this week. They also have this collection there.

  2. Mint Macaron *is* a cute name. It makes me kinda hungry.. for another mint nail polish :P

  3. I got the chelsea coral. pigmentation is blah:( should have known. all nyc blushes are like that (yes i have all of them because my first was a central park pink that was actually good). I do like their mosaic blushes though. Do tell how the tangerine crush went!

    1. Urgh...It looks a lot pinker(more like a punchy pink than orange coral) once it's on my lips...the texture is a little interesting though, wet but decently long-lasting. I wouldn't say it's a bad buy but I wish I picked up the raspberry pink kissgloss instead (as I don't need any coral-turns-punchy-pink gloss).

  4. This collection caught my eye too. I bought the Peaches 'n Cream nail polish and Violet Candy KissGloss from this collection, and they are both excellent. The formula for Peaches 'n Cream is phenomenal: it's not streaky or chalky, and if you apply it carefully, it can be a one-coater.

  5. I am wearing Mint Macaron right now and its kind of horrible. I love the color, but it hasn't been a full day and its already started to chip off.


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