Wednesday, April 25, 2012

L'Oreal Summer 2012 Gold Makeup and Nail Collection and Parisian Spring

 L'Oreal Summer 2012 called "It's Gold or Nothing at all" Collection (with lots of gold, pink and coral) just hit Walgreens(and there is a peel-able coupon attached to the display!)
Four infallible 24hr eyeshadow in Golden Sage, Pink Sapphire, Gold Imperial and Gleaming Bronze. Two new bronzer in Golden Pearl and Nude Topaz.
Colour Rich Nail Polish in Pink Carat, Precious Coral, Silver Sparkle and Glamorous Gold
Colour Riche lipsticks in Sparkling Coral and Rose Agate. LeGloss in Pink Amethyst (looks super pretty in the tube!) and Tangerine Diamond - I like how they name the products like gems.
Not sure if they are new or not, a Parisian Spring display with pretty lip and nail products.

Lastly, a smoldering eye collection featuring existing false fiver lashes mascara, smoldering effect eyeliner and three infallible eyeshadow.


  1. I really want to try the tangerine diamond lipgloss XDD looks so nice ^^

    nice greetings ^^

    1. I heard that those leGloss are pretty sheer though...Anyway, thanks for dropping by and nice to meet you :)

  2. I really enjoy Loreal makeups, I dont think I been disappointed by their products yet.. the quality is always been great from my experience :)

  3. Are the three infallible eyeshadows in the "smoldering eyes" promo
    new ones? I know 3 of the 4 eyeshadows in the It's Gold or Nothing at All promo are new. I was just wondering if the other 3 are new as well. Also, I cannot see the names of the black and violet ones from the picture. Can you please let me know.

    1. Nope, they are not (just a display with all existing products).


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