Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush and Nude Airfoam Foundation

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush just made it to my CVS (though the display is half-loaded/half gone).
The dome-shaped blushes are all made in Korea and each contains 5.6g/0.19oz of product. I already have my eyes on Candy Coral (a reddish orange coral that just looks orange here) and a Hot Tamale (bright warm red). 
 Maybelline also released a new concealer/eye brightener called Dream Lumi and Dream Nude Airfoam foundation.


  1. So I bought both of these products and the blush is different. For 8 bucks you get hardley any product, but the color payoff is super nice. I bought Hot Tamale and Love it. The foundation is crazy cool, I actually didn't think I was going to like it, but it was great coverage and the color matched perfect.

  2. i like maybelline blushes...:)

  3. I purchased one of the Dream Bouncy blushes a few days ago in the shade Orchid Hush, so far I'm really pleased with it!! I've looked in all of the drug stores, as well as Target, where I live.. but I haven't been able to find the foundations/concealers yet... hopefully soon! Dying to try them out! :D

  4. citrine-is candy coral the one on the end of the first row on the blush display?

  5. I Bleed Pink:
    That's nice to know (I totally though the foundation is going to make a huge mess with all those foam). I actually like the tiny blush compact (the 5.6g it contains is actually quite a bit since most drugstore blushes have 3g, and just a huge and useless compact that make them look bigger), it's cute a pretty space-conscious.

    Oh, I like that one as well. It's so rare to see a lilac-pink from drugstore. But I guess I will just be boring and try the coral one first.

    Candy coral is the one at upper right, the other orange-looking one is peach satin. I think Walgreen is totally a better place to buy Maybelline since they usually have that 40% off sale. (And you can combine that with manufacturer's coupon).


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