Saturday, October 01, 2011

Random Weekend Rambling and Picture

This month's reading list is not even a list, as the only online reading I found interesting is the result of the 2011 Ig Nobel Prizes (The Vilnius mayor won the peace prize for running over illegally parked car with tank, Jascha Heifetz would be so proud...) so here is a random picture of a squirrel (don't we all love fuzzy animals?) and a funny tweet from Weibo.
This little guy was looking at me with a curious expression when I was taking picture of another squirrel (who by the way was such a professional model). No hard feeling, I get this kind of look all the time...

Anyway, the funny weibo tweet of the week has something to do with the Shanghai subway crash that happened a few days ago. While around 200 people got hurt, nobody died and that's why...the news reporter introduced a new phrase:  "Light Crash"...Here is what an unnamed person has to say about the accident, in the form of Chun Lian (Chinese new years door banners, which consists of two vertical banners with writing that are in mirror symmetry, both literally and phonetically. Then a horizontal one/center piece that summarizes the two vertical banners)
Subway, railway, highway. Way way to die
Officer, investigator, announcer. Sir sir to lie.
Welcome to China!

Last but not least...
Happy Birthday to Communist China, Nigeria and Vladimir Horowitz!


  1. A "light crash" - well, they never have those in India! Cute squirrel - and hope those crappy posts got deleted!

  2. Jamilla:
    Haha, light crash only happens in China. (If you are talking about those Luuux post, the 10 I found were deleted but I just found 2 more with the help of a blogger-tipper.)

  3. happy birthday to china!! its also nigeria's independence day too!

  4. Oreloena:
    Happy Holiday to people in Nigeria as well!


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