Friday, September 02, 2011

Weekend Links

A picture of a flax flower in the neighborhood.
New York Based Designer Missha Lee shows you how to do rock Chinoiserie with her graduation collection called Silhouettes .

Besame Crimson Cream Rouge looks like the perfect red stain for lips, cheeks and the top of a dresser (it's also 3 dollars cheaper than Stila convertible color too!).

Joanne is a newbie in blogging town, take a look at her pretty Paul & Joe Stash and show some love!

Next on my nail polish to-buy list - A neutral red jelly and maybe a base coat for it...

For my Chinese (not sure if Google Translate can handle that) readers,  Bonnie Chen (blog music alert) is one of  the most articulate fashion models I have ever seen/read. (P.S. She is the unidentified beauty in this IntoTheGloss entry!) 

Here is a funny tweet from her Weibo (Chinese Twitter) @bonniebigchen
"You always bump into the people whom you try to avoid...Today I, once again, encountered the wonderful stylish who poured baby oil allover my head, resulting week-long greasy locks. I told him proudly that, after trying dish detergent, baking soda and massive amount of conditioner (with no avail) , the ultimate and only antidote is: Baby powder. Dedicated to models with similar hairy situations :) 

Picture of me sporting the Snape look. "
Here is another funny tweet (not from Bonnie) that has been re-tweeted for 75k times...
The China-made airplane C919 will be making its debut flight in 2016...Brothers and sisters, are you scared now?

 And the funny part/ most repeated reply was "Let the leaders fly first!", a reference to the 1994 Karamay Fire .

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  1. lol LOVE both tweets!!! I second the notion of "leaders fly first" xD


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