Saturday, September 03, 2011

Sephora Lip Gloss in Summer Crush

After so many swatch-only posts, some of you might wonder:  "Does she just randomly enters the store, fills out her arm and back-of-hand with testers and just leaves?".  Of course not...that would just be way too obnoxious. Instead of buying everything I tried (what some of you assumed), I just make sure pick up something on each trip to avoid suspicion ..This is what I ended up with : a 3-dollar coral gloss from the clearance section of Sephora.

Because lip-gloss addiction and stinginess are both incurable.
Sephora Lip Gloss, normally retails for 10 dollars, is a range of several fruity scented Canadian made  squeegee glosses, with a very soft tube and a texture that's quite runny. The two factors combined together give it an extremely high leaking potential. See the part that's gone? It was allover my bag...

The shade I picked, Summer Crush is a seemly bold orange coral with golden shimmer (or medium sized glitter, since appear pretty chunky) that's difficult to build up, thanks to the runny consistency.
Sephora Summer Crush with Limey (a cute color that sheers out far too quickly),  the mango colored Tarina Tarantino gloss just happened to be there, looking practically clear (the tube is adorable though).
Sephora Summer Crush by itself, the gloss still feels a little tacky (even with such a low viscosity) but settles to a very smooth and shiny finish that's relatively thin and long-lasting (it stays on for an hour or two).
Sephora Summer Crush with Rimmel Coral Shimmer Lipstick

Overall: A pretty decent gloss for the price (3 bucks, not 10), just don't expect to get the color that's shown on the tube. 


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