Saturday, September 24, 2011

Revlon Expressionists Collection Fall 2011

Revlon Fall 2011 Collection finally made it to my local Walgreens - The Collection, features several of eyeshadow singles, a nail polish (maybe there are several shade but there are only two bottles of white one left), four liquid lip colors, three shades of super lustrous lipstick and a four-color-cream palette called Bordeaux (which is used by Gucci Westman during fashion week back in March). Beside Bordeaux, everything else is new shades that will eventually get into the permanent display.
Close up of the four Diamond Lust eyeshadow single, which all look quite sparkly.
Colorstay Ultimate liquid lipcolor in four muted shades - I am somewhat interested in the coral and the purple but I have heard that the formula isn't the most dry-lip friendly (Yeah, my lips dry out very easily but at the same time, they are also good at soaking up water so I thrive on runny gloss). 

For people here who are expecting my usual, (kind of) daily update, you can all blame it on Sandy Tings(Yes, she is back...more like she has never stopped and that her right-clicking hand landed on my picture again), several blogspot users (who assumed that putting up a picture with my watermark = giving me credit) and Makeup Alley member (I am sorry, even after your masterful cropping-out-blog-name, my pictures are still mine...Reads: NOT YOURS TO SHARE).


  1. That stinks that this chick is stealing your photos.

    On to the collection, the eyeshadows are super super sparkly. I got them all and they are more for sparkle than color pay off. Also the liquid lipstick is HORRIBLE!! The formula dries my lips out to no end!

  2. I bleek pink:
    It's stinks even more that she does it regularly (three days after I send her an e-mail begging her to leave my blog alone, she stole yet another one of my pictures) .

    It's nice to know, I was (kind of) wanting that liquid lipstick...I guess I will just get one of those nail polish instead.

  3. where did you find these products at?

  4. To Anonymous:
    In order to preserve your right to bitch, your comments are now moved to the dumpster.


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