Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pixi Lip Treat Tinted Lip Balm, Line & Lip Swatches

Pixi Lip Treat is a (surprisingly pigmented) tinted lip balm housed in a cute little green tube with rose print and Lip & Line are duo side lip color with lip color on one end and an lipliner pencil on the other. The color selection on both products leans toward the neutral (aka boring) side but I think many will find them easy-to-wear and flattering.

p.s. my keyboard is broken, no proper post/comment reply until i find a way to fix it. *sad face*.


  1. My fave are definitely the peachier tone and fresh pink! So pretty! Did you haul everything?!

  2. LOVE! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Aaaah!!! I LOVE me a tinted lip balm ~small jig~

    I must own them all.

    Oh fudge. It's not a laptop keyboard is it? D:

  3. Sorry your keyboard is broken! Fresh pink looks pretty.

  4. nic nic
    oh no,i just swatched the testers at target.

    yes, indeed it is...

    i am still practicing my mouse-typing skill...


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