Friday, August 19, 2011

Black Radiance Moisturizing Lip Stain, Liquid Lip Color and Artisan Blush

I was at Walmart (40 minutes of biking is not fun...) a few days ago trying to find some shipping boxes (now I think I need to go back for an USB key board) and look what I have found!
Black Radiance Moisturizing Lip Stain (wow, people put " lip stain" and "moisturizing" in the same sentence? That's a first I have seen!) with the Rich Cranberry already sold out (of course it has to be the shade I am interested in). Each is around 2.80 so I really wonder how it would turn out...
The Liquid Lip Color and Ice Angel Refreshing Lip Gloss looks a lot less tempting (since the brand is designed for women with deep skintone), as they are a little too bold for my liking.
Artisan Color baked bronzer (less than 5 bucks) and blush also seem rather interesting but it seems that they break easily (the two Warm Berry on the display are both shattered).


  1. I've never seen this brand at my wal mart but the moisturizing and lip stain in one does pique my interest.

  2. Eden-Avalon:
    It seems to be a pigmented squeegee gloss, that dries to a stain so...I guess they should just call it a gloss instead? (I didn't find any clear-enough pictures so I won't link any of those reviews.)

  3. i've been using their liquid eyeliner a lot lately, very good! the lipglosses are pretty, i have a light pink/gold one, crystal pink. that and whisper are light, you could wear those. i want the lipstains

    Vonnie of

  4. I wish I had Black Radiance products near me, I'm starting to think it's a Mid-West/East Coast thing

  5. conniewxx:
    I am located at deep south though...

  6. Citrine ,

    I have one of the lip stains from Black Radiance ,and its sooo much better than any of the high end ones I have tried . It doesnt dry out my lips and actually keeps them soft and leaves a nice stain , you should try them.

    On a different note ,love your blog , I wish we had more such frank opinonated blogs which dont promote everything they buy :)

  7. Haha, I think I need to bike to, right now. (Let's hope the red one is restocked...)


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