Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wet n Wild Nutty Color Icon Eyeshadow Single

When I was in second grade, my favorite color was the rich and mysterious purple, thanks to mom's colleague who gifted me a Japan-made leather deerskin pouch in eggplant (which I always used as a backpack for field trips).I always felt proud for liking such a grown-up shade until... everybody else in my art club started to pick the same color. When that shit happened, I reckon it's "uncool" to like the same color as the masses so I abandoned purple (and went without a favorite color for four years).

Similar stories also happen to my adult self(guess I haven't grown up mentally): I loved Wet n Wild (as it was one of the few brands I could afford) from my pre-teen through early adulthood, even with their slight gaudy plastic silver packaging. When the brand underwent massive revamp in early 2010 and got a ton of blogger buzz/coverage, I lost interest ...Luckily, it doesn't take much effort to convince myself to give something a go when it's just a dollar(Gotta love those HEB sales).
Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow in Nutty is a medium taupe, right between brown and gray (at least to my eyes) with a satin finish. Unlike Kitten (the first Color Icon I have tried and the reason I stopped trying), Nutty has a soft, buttery texture that can be picked up and blended (by brush or finger) easily.

Nutty is rather similar to Party All Night (but it doesn't turn brown when it's blended out), a lot warmer (not even close to) than L'Oreal HIP electrified. On the eyes, it gives a subtle depth and a very slight glow (just a polished look that's rather office-friendly). It's discreetly flattering, also somewhat boring.

Overall: Lovely texture and pigmentation and the shade itself is a nice-to-have for the taupe/neutral shadow lover. I am pretty sure most of you will be able to come up with some fun looks with this.

P.S. For people who wonder what happened to that ultra-chic purple leather bag. I hand washed/ruined it(Nobody ever told me how to take care of leather good back then...let alone doing the maintenance for me)...


  1. i like all three of the colors swatched, nice new one to your collection. awww, sorry about your bag :( wet n wild has stepped it's game up big time, glad that you came back to it lol (bet your pockets are too, so cheap)


  2. Love your post! I have the same sort of memories for Wet 'n' Wild...I remember what it use to be like back in the day!

    Your bag sounds like it would have been cute!

    -Candice :)

  3. Nutty is probably my favorite palette from w&w. The shades just make me swoon.
    Sorry about the leather bag...I feel for you. I had a plant I adored and watered. Then we were remodeling the floors at my apartment. Furniture blocked it and after we were done, it died...

  4. I have nutty it was given to me by another blogger. it is a pretty taupe colour,, i have no idea why it's so popular tho!

  5. Vonnie:
    Yeah, actually I personally think Wet n Wild has always been doing quite well with their eyeshadow/lip color, the packaging has been improved a lot though(And I personally am less interested because everybody loves it now).

    Yeah, I actually think it was pretty darn good (even in a ghetto way).

    At least you didn't pour sufuric acid over it (the equivalent of what I done to my bag = =) so it's understandable.

    Nic Nic:
    I am guessing it's because not many US drugstore brands do taupe (I have only seen it from L'Oreal, essence and Wet n Wild so far) so when it came out, people just went crazy...

  6. Hahaha. I seem to have the same reaction to things that I like that then become popular. I've yet to hear all the hype about nutty (but my own blog just started) but It looks lovely!


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