Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sula Paint and Peel Nail Polish in Sorbet

Sula is a (indie?) beauty brand based in Toronto that makes adorable cosmetics (available at ULTA) and nail polish and one of their most known creation (or the only thing I can find at the time) is the Paint & Peel nail polish. 
Sorbet is a lightly muted orange red that would look great both on fair and tanned skin.The polish gives a jelly-like finish (with 2 layers) and super fast drying time. On the bottle it says to avoid hot water for 4 hours after application, it's kind of funny that I get tip wear within an hour just from typing. 

Overall: Perfect for people who don't want to commit on their nail polish and keep a eye for them at your local Big Lots (where it's sold for $1.25).


  1. Oh paint and peel sounds cool. Thanks for the swatch.

  2. Haha. It really does resemble jelly. Too bad about the tip wear though.

  3. I think peeling nail polish is kind of nice since there's no nail polish remover involved, but it sucks they don't wear well

  4. I like the ideo of this polish~ seems pretty convenient! But aw...chip wear? I guess that's ok. Thanks for sharing~ such a lovely red. ^^

  5. I look at a pretty purple shade every time I walk into my Big Lots! So I'm guessing you're not suppose to use a Top Coat? Seems kinda cool, but that stinks it wore off so easily!

  6. Natalie:
    They suggests using topcoat to prolong wear but I am just way too lazy.


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