Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sonia Kashuk Fall 2011 Brushes and Makeup Collection

Two brush set called Tightly knit and Tweedle Dee, there seems to be an eyeshadow palette but it's already sold out (very rare for SK items).
A gunmetal colored eyelash curler for 12.99 (that's actually how Shiseido/Shu Uemura curler would cost in Asia, without all the mark-up)


  1. Oh I saw these at Target too. I love SK brush sets and bags, very cute. I mean I never get them because I don't use much MU anymore but still the cuter brands available there.

  2. OOh, thanks for sharing! I'll go check them out the next time I'm at Target.

  3. My target didn't have the palette either.

  4. Kalmo:
    I just like looking at those LE displays (got a few brushes from their LE and permanent line, not a big fan of them).

    Warning, I think the brushes look a bit scratchy.

    Now I want to know what it really looks like (much be really pretty?).

  5. OH I wish SK brushes were more available!


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