Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Revlon Flavor Gloss in Appletini Fizz

Revlon Flavor Gloss in Appletini Fizz (around $5) is one of the six fun-colored squeegee lip glosses from the summer Sweetly Seductive collection. Since lip gloss and the color green are two of my favorite things in the world, I simply had to pick up the green shade called Appletini Fizz.
Revlon Appletini Fizz is a slightly yellowish green with fleck-like micro glitter, compared to Diorkiss Granny Smith (a limited edition back in spring 2007, the tube is humongous and the gloss tastes awful so I take forever to finish it up), Revlon Flavor Gloss has a thinner, non-sticky gel texture, pleasant apple soda smell and a taste that isn't overly saccharine.
On the lips, Appletini Fizz didn't give much color (when the green mingles with my purply red lip color, it turns gray) and the shine (I loaded on a lot in my attempt to make the color show) dies down/get absorbed fairly quickly.It reminds me a lot of Bonnie Bell, which makes adorable, nice smelling gloss with little to no color.

Overall:If you want a little bit of moisture to sooth dry lips and a cute tube to look at (surprisingly, the print on the tube still hasn't fade since I got it 2-3 weeks ago)the flavor gloss should be rather handy. Be sure to wait for a sale to get these because anything above 3 bucks is way too much.


  1. I've had my eye on the blue one but have been waiting for a coupon.

  2. Thanks for the swatch and review. These glosses are so cute and colorful. Green is my favorite color too. :)

  3. That looks pretty on you. Love the packaging too. Thanks for the review.

  4. Lately i've been moving away from sheer glosses (ELF's have me covered if I ever need them.) But I love green apples and appletinis sooooooooo I want to buy this JUST for that purpose! haha.

  5. These looks super glossy, too bad it fades after a while. I wish Revlon did better considering the usual quality and the price of their products

  6. Madeline:
    It seems that most Revlon coupons are product-specific (it only applies to the item that has the sticker on) and I have never seen coupons for cheaper products. Anyway, Walgreen BOGO or 40% off should be a good time to buy those.

    If you love the shade,you should totally try some green gloss (they are cute and the scent are usually quite refreshing).

    I have never tried Appletini(hate the music they play in club bar so I never go...the one time a friend tried to drag me there, I intentionally didn't bring my ID/wallet, made her pretty mad)but the gloss doesn't smell like apple either, more like green jolly rancher or apple soda.

    If you consider the size (3x super lustrous/colorburst/SL lip balm) and price (which is cheaper than most revlon glosses by 2-3 dollars), they aren't expensive at all, they could be even a bit cheaper than bonnie bell.


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