Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NYC Bronze Bliss Summer 2011 Collection

The NYC bronze bliss collection for summer 2011 is finally out! The display looks rather promosing from NYC facebook page but when I actually see it, I can't find a product I actually want to try.
The Collection features 2 blushable creme sticks, two gloss (one in deep bronze another in shimmery bold pink) , two lipstick (pink and coral), two loose eyeshadow and three bronzers.
There is also a range of eyeshadow single (also limited edtion) and some mascara from a different display.


  1. Thanks for showing us the displays. I actually went to the three closest drugstores by campus and all of their displays are so old or missing. Bah, even if i don't want to buy things, I still want to window shop! LOL

  2. Kalmo:
    The drugstore near our school never carries any LE display (I am guessing the rent is really high that they have no space for those extras?) but on the bright side, I always find random pieces of items from new collection in their clearance baskets.

  3. I swear the only place that sells the limited edition stuff is a HEB way on the other side of town...but me being the crazy makeup addict will drive to find it...ha ha

  4. I bleed pink:
    You can also wait a while, it will show up at CVS (in fall, lol).


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