Friday, July 01, 2011

Mary Kay Signature Lipstick in Dusty Rose

Mary Kay Signature lipstick in Dusty Rose is a slightly shimmery brownish pink (that turns peach on my lips)with a simple, solid-feeling tube and a tough and solid bullet(gotta hate wobbly lipsticks!).
The particular lipstick, which by the way is discontinued, feels slightly and waxy (isn't horribly so) and has that old-school lipstick scent.It could be a rather flattering neutral lipstick if you put some effort tweaking the texture (which I am too lazy to do).


  1. ; w ; Discontinued? Whyyyyyyy~ Such a shame. It's a lovely color.

  2. oh my!!!! I hate it when they discontinue something worthwhile! so pretty!

  3. Wow this looks sooo pretty, but Dusty Rose sounds like a darker color to me, too bad it's discontinued

  4. Looks great on you, perfect neutral color!

  5. Eden Avalon:
    It might be availble in the line but the signature lipstick (with silver tube) is already phased out by Mary Kay.

    Brands do that all the time. I wish Covergirl would bring back the true shine lipsticks!

    It depends on your lip and skin color actually. I personally find it to be a neutral (like revlon nude lustre)that doesn't wash me out.

    The shade is pretty nice (I wish the formula is smoother though).


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