Saturday, July 09, 2011

Jemma Kidd Classic Couture Lipstick In Vogue Perfect Blush Swatches

The Classic Couture lipstick is a range of three muted, creamy lip color. The texture is decent but I guess most people would prefer paying a few bucks less for a tube of MAC instead.
The three In Vogue Perfect Blush are squared shaped mosaic blushers with decent silky texture. Fifth Avenue looks like a cute spring/fall time coral.


  1. I always wanted to try Jemma Kidd but all of their products are always open in my Target even though there are testers. XD 5th Avenue blush looks gorgeous!

  2. Kalmo:
    Boo...I am lucky enough that people tend to (note, tend to...not always) leave the clean stock alone when there are testers but I rarely buy Jemma Kidd because I feel like if I am spending 20 bucks on cosmetics in Target, I better come home with at least 6 items (yeah, six).


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