Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cargo the Mediterranean Collection Swatch and Impression

Every season, Cargo releases a Voyage makeup set including several items housed in a postcard-like makeup bag.For the summer 2011, the theme is Mediterranean. I tested the sample at ULTA (a trip to ULTA is never complete without an armful of swatches) and here are my swatches and impression on the set.
Eyeshadow Duo in Shimmery Gold and Copper - The full sized eyeshadow duo is packaged in a cute tin compact. The color is vibrant and very pigmented with reasonable fly-out/dustiness.

Better-than-waterproof Mascara (Full Sized) - I didn't test it on my eyes or on my skin. In fact, I never get the point of swatching mascara on skin (to test how the smudge will stay on?).

Swimmables Eyeliner Pencil in Teal (Mini) - A beautiful jewel-toned teal without any shimmer/glitter (color should work well with the bronze eyeshadow), it took me a good 2 minutes of vigorous rubbing before it started to budge.
Powder Blush Mendocino (Full Sized)- A medium raspberry pink/mauve with golden sheen that's dolly and cute. Like other Cargo powder blushes, this comes in a large tin and the texture seems to be rather soft/dusty. If you are like me, who doesn't handle makeup with care (who does?), these cargo blushes might shatter easily under your hands...

Lip Gloss Morocco (Mini)- Sheer mauve pink with shimmer and medium viscosity,nothing special.

Overall: A pretty good deal (34 dollars for a cute makeup pouch, 3 full sized items and two minis) with fairly lovely color choices.


  1. $34 for all that stuff is a good deal! I love Cargo bronzers and blushes.

  2. The colors are all so intense and gorgeous!

  3. that looks gorgeous, especially the blush!


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