Monday, June 27, 2011

Orly Happy go Lucky Collection

Orly Happy Go Lucky collection just landed on my local ULTA (is it just me or that chick kind of looks like Tavi from the Style Rookie...I mean a less cute, hyperative version of Tavi...) I am liking all shade except Frisky...*Imagining the color on my nails*

Wait, I changed my mind. I think I like all of them (They all kind of remind me of the carefree age of 70s and 80s)!


  1. cute shades! :) I am never updated with the nail polish collections but this look promising! base on photos! well, I am actually searching for a good green that's why I got interested with the said collection :D

  2. Ah! That's what I thought too! It does look like Tavi!

  3. That's a very pretty collection! And she does look like Tavi indeed.

  4. Very summery, despite the Tavi look-alike!


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