Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beauty Friends Royal Jelly Essence Mask Sheet Pack

Rumor has it that girls is Asia are all skin-care devotees who put layers and layers of product daily/nightly to care for their skins.I,the Chinese, never got the "Asian experience" (well, mainly because I am too lazy) since stuff like those are either too hard to find or simply too marked-up in my local markets.

Anyway, thanks to Birkie (who hosts interesting giveaway once every while, of course I never mentioned it since I like to keep those to myself *insert evil laugh*), now I am even closer to the whole "Asian Culture"! Yeah, it's as if I am not Chinese enough...
Each pouch of Beauty Friends Royal Jelly Essence Mask Sheet Pack (Made in Korea) contains 23g of product, which is a big-enough-for-my-moon-cake-face paper mask that's filled essence. The mask has a medium thickness that is good for both retaining liquid (there is good deal of remaining essence to wipe my arms after I am done with my face) and adhering to the skin (so I can do stuff on computer and pamper my skin at the same time).

The essence, aka, liquid part of the mask, has a honey-like faint sweet scent and is slightly viscous (so it doesn't feel like water on skin) without being too thick or sticky. I really like how relaxing and refreshing it feels (I just apply the mask the way it is but it can be chilled or warmed prior to using if you like) and the plump feeling I get afterward but I needed to make sure I am not over-nourishing (using a thick cream afterward), which will lead to quite a bit of white heads.

It's not even an outbreak, I just always found something to pick/pop the day it because soft skin are more squeezable?


  1. I really like the Royal Jelly from them too. They are so affordable and still effective...

  2. I need to try some of those sheet masks one day! x

  3. They sound really good!
    I hope to give them a try once I see them being sold somewhere in NZ ><


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