Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wet n Wild Clinical Lash Serum and Mascara

Wet n Wild Clinical Mascara and Lash Serum was released as a limited edition twin set early this year for around 6 dollars. The two items are still available for purchase separately for around 4 dollars each. Let's see how the mascara performs...
The wand of Wet n Wild Clinical Mascara is medium sized one shaped like a test tube brush, which seems to do a decent job picking up just the right amount of paste without having them gunking up.When you tilt the wand 90 degrees, you will find a "special design": The two sides of the wand are trimmed so the bristle there is shorter than those on adjacent side (just imagine on 12 and 6 o'clock position of the brush there is longer hair while the 9 and 3 o'clock position the bristles are cut short).
If I want a smaller wand for hard-to-reach areas,the longer side will still manage to smudge the under eye since the brush is positioned closer to the eyes.Anyway, I ended up just using the long side to apply all the time so I find the feature a little unhelpful and bothersome.

As for the mascara itself, I find the consistency just right, not too thick or runny that it coats my lashes evenly, giving it a slight glossy, defined effect and some color. There is no crazy length or volume but I like it that way. It would be a good purchase but unfortunately, the mascara flakes within a few hours and leave a trail of evidence under my eyes. It's almost like a crackle nail polish, for the under eye area...Thanks to the special effect, I didn't wear it long enough to tell if it has any lash growth effect (I doubt there is any since it's not applied to the follicles, where growth occurs).

The Megalash Clinical Serum has a slanted brush as applicator that makes application rather easy and fuzz-free. The liquid is too runny that I need to be very careful when I use it so it won't run in my eyes (it stings). Since I am not a careful person, I just ended up using it for my eyebrow hair after mowing it (I am horrible at brow trimming). It's quite effective stimulating hair growth from what I can tell...

Overall: The lash serum itself is worth trying for the price (when it's 50% off at Walgreens).But if you want to spend a few more dollars, I find the L'Oreal serum more user-friendly (as I can actually use that on my lashes).


  1. I've been wanting to try the serum, but the last time I tried Ardell's eye lash serum a a few of my eyelashes fell out the next morning. I got scared and never touched them again lol! Great review!

  2. Natalie:
    I am a chronic lash-puller so things like falling lashes never scares me (they gonna grow back anyway) but if you want to retry serum like these, you might want to go for the L'oreal one instead, I found it pretty helpful making my lashes stronger, thicker that instead of 5-6 strands of fallout (every time I pull), I only get 0-2 instead.

  3. I actually want to use these serums but I doubt they will be effective...


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