Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sally Hansen Hard as Nail and New Shades for Revlon

 Sally Hansen Hard as Nail just got a new packaging,so does it mean that the  older ones are going on clearance soon?
 A more clear/camera picture of their crackle over coat.
New nail color shades are also addes to Revlon. The names (Waterfall, Butterfly,Tulip...) of the new shades are so cute.


  1. @Leilia
    I didn't look at the price but I am gessing around 5 dollars?

  2. I've never tried Revlon polishes before. What are your thought on them? The colors in the little packs look so gorgeous! Are they in full size?

  3. Diana:
    I think Revlon's formula is horrible...Runny, streaky and many times full of strokes. Certain shades (or shade, since I only like Not So Blueberry) are really pretty though. Those nail polish are full sized from what I saw.

  4. The Sally Hansen Hard as Nails has been on clearance where I am for MONTHS (at least 5) and are basically cleared out of everywhere. I hope these new ones just as good! No need to mess with a good product.

  5. UhhSpork:
    I thinking they are only changing packaging but it also seem that there is less cream shades in this line. I wonder if they will add new ones in...

  6. @Diana again
    I checked again today and those polish trio are minis.

  7. WHOA!just did a post about the crackles yesterday on my blog!


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