Thursday, May 05, 2011

Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel New Summer Shades

For this summer, Revlon releases a new range of Top Speed Nail Enamel in pretty and trendy shades like creamy coral, lime, dusty blue/lilac and greenish golden pearl. The (not really) new promo display seems to be an awkwardly photoshopped  version of this poster,it seems like Jessica Alba is having thinning hair and eyebrow. I don't mind retouching in advertisement (more like I am numb by now) but come on, she is already quite pretty,take it easy here...
I also got a picture of the illuminance eyeshadow quad in Eternal Summer (from the Summer Romantic collection), it seems that only the lip balms are limited edtion so don't worry if you miss the eyeshadow or nail polish.

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  1. I tried the Top Speed nail polish, horrible. Chipped before the day ended with my favorite top coat


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