Saturday, May 28, 2011

Orange Blush and Fashion Stuff

I have been loving orange cheeks lately so the reading list consists of mainly orange colored blushes.
This little guy showed up when I tried to swatch an Essie nail color outdoor

Orange Blushes and others
MAC My Paradise blush compared to Sleek Pan Tao and a pretty look she did 
Canmake Powder Cheeks in Naple Orange and Cheek Gradation in Orange Gradation
Canmake Cheek and Cheek double blush(I wish US drugstore blushes are this cute)
NYX Mosaic Powder Blush in Love (there is only a picture, but it's a good one)
Benefit Cha-Cha tint Lip and Cheek stain looks like a perfect mango (eye)candy
PJ @ A Touch of Blusher says Happy 10th Birthday to her favorite Biteki Magazine. 

Non-beauty-related reads
White blouse + denim + simple bag + red lips = Love this kind of outfit!
Love the all white trend that's going on(Not too fond of the cleaning part though).

Last but not least, I have been obsessing with Nancy's illustration and outfit posts, which is the perfect mix-mash of Asian cuteness and European street style. I went over and looked over her (not yet entire, but I am getting there) archive, you might want to take a look too!

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