Friday, May 13, 2011

Maybelline Great Lash Set and New Lip Gloss

 Maybelline released a set with their Great Lash (which made me look like a raccoon)mascara and shine sensational lip gloss in a pink makeup bag.Looks like a way to get rid of their products that don't sell well...
As a part of the Color Sensational High Shine display,there are also five new shades of lip glosses that's being released. I really like the range (more so than their lipstick which has an borderline annoying smell)and am thinking about the two shades on the right.


  1. I have Lucious Pink (pale baby pink) and Hi-Tech Plum (barbie pink). They're very milky and do need a couple of swipes for the color to show, but otherwise great glosses. These smell different than the original shades, too - like Fruity Pebbles!

  2. I really like the pink bag! Enough to pick one up I think :P

  3. Lerina Melissa:
    Have you tried any of those more pigmented ones? The two (Bronze Beam and Salsa Sun) are both crazily pigmented (more so than the CS high shine lipstick).

    Clear bags like those are perfect for makeup junkies who carry too much at a time!


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