Sunday, May 15, 2011

Essence Blush Brush with Synthetic Hair

Exactly how many blush brush does one need? Probably one. How many blush brush does a beauty addict need? Probably a few, one for each color family of blush. How many blush brush does a lazy beauty addict need? A few plus a that she can get away with not washing them for a longer period of time.Anyway, here is my (n+1)th blush brush that I got to make my life easier, myself (even) lazier.
Essence Synthetic Hair Blush Brush, available for 3 dollars at my grocery store and ULTA, is a small blusher brush designed for their powder blushers. The palm sized brush measures 11.5cm/4.5inches, comes with quarter sized ferrule, black shiny handle and a roundly tapered tip that's just right for the apple of cheeks. The white synthetic hair is airy soft (not as smooth as Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush)resilient enough to hold its shape and isn't too slick to grab enough powder (what I experienced with the cheek brush from ELF, which is also 3 dollars).
Since Essence blush brush is designed for the Silky Touch Blush from the same line, it does a good job picking up firmly pressed powder blush in light shades but when working with more pigmented blushers, I find it doesn't give me the control precision I want since the tip isn't stiff (or hairy?) enough. Another little "flaw" would be white tip retaining too much colors (at least it looks like it's holding a lot of leftover) and consequently annoying the heck out of me..Luckily,it's easy to wash and dries rather quickly. 

Overall: A great, soft (softer than Sonia Kashuk!) cheek brush that's perfect for lighter cheeks colors and tossing into your makeup bag. Don't expect it to be as nice as the Too Faced Retratable Kabuki (which isn't even the same type of brush)but for the price you pay, I can't nitpick about it(Ok, I think I did already).


  1. $3 and softer than SK?? I'll definitely have to look into it. But lately all I've been using for blush is my NARS Its #21 brush, even though I badly need a new one thanks to NARS' horrendous gummy packaging... -_- P.S. I have been loving the consistent posts from you! Makes my day to see 1-2 of them pop up on my blogger feed. ^^

  2. Ami:
    I think softness is its main strong point but a good brush is more than just a soft one so if you really want something nice and small, Cargo magic brush should get the job done a lot nicer (for 34 bucks, ouch...), it's small handy and works for both sheer and pigmented blushes. I mainly got Essence when I wait for the Too Faced to dry.

  3. Wow $3 is really inexpensive for a brush. I wish my Ulta carred Essence brushes, it only has the cosmetics that have little appeal to me

  4. cjx3pooh:
    I believe there is only one brush in their line (hidden at the lower left of the display) at the moment. Anyway, I don't like their makeup that that much but their 1-dollar nail polish have great colors (especially the cremes) and are very easy to apply.


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