Monday, April 25, 2011

Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush

Ever since I was a child,I have always been an avid animal-lover and unlike many other fun-loving girls/boys out there, when I say I love those fuzzy/scaly/slimy little things to death, I mean it (in a sense that I ran through them like popcorn and got the chance to "love" different species in  relatively quick successions). Maybe I should stop before those PETA preachers come and hunt me down...Just so you know,I am one of those jerks who say "Nope" when approached on the street and asked "Do you want to save polar bears?" (What I really wanted to say was "You mean,to pay for more people like you who bug us on our way to class?" or "I might if you are better-looking")

As I am older, karma is slowly getting back at my butt that animals all decided to love me back the way I "loved" them: If I am in a hot/humid area with others, the mosquitoes always pick me for their dinner. Ant hills always managed to make their way under my sandal-wearing feet(Texan fire ants are vicious). At the same time, my mom (who was opposed to and"suffering" from all of my animal inquisition in my younger years)just decided to become a dog lover now I no longer live with her.) Can you believe that she now has a handsome golden retriever but the talented portrait photographer (Of course I am talking about myself)is nowhere near Puppy-Eyed-Patty?

To repent for my wrongdoing...I paid...30 something dollars for a cruelty-free makeup brush. See, I have to start somewhere, why not on something beauty-related?
Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush, a super popular product from the brand, is marketed as "made with ultra soft Teddy hair" that will give you seamless makeup while keeping squirrels (I heard that many super soft face brushes are made of squirrel hair) from balding.The brush has been around for quite a few years (I guess at least three?) and has gained a lot of positive reviews here and there.

Initially the pink tube of the kabuki is printed with white cherry blossoms allover, it seems that starting last year,Too Faced revamped the packaging and now all we have is a white tube with black squiggly design that is a good deal uglier (and possibly less likely to get scratched). Anyway, if you want your cherry blossoms, try your luck at Sephora and avoid buying it at Too Faced and Apothica.
My first impression of the Too Faced Retractable Brush (beside the uglier packaging) is that the brush is very dense, so dense that it takes considerably longer time to dry compared to all of my other face brushes.Of course, the second thing I found out is that the brush is incredibly soft (big surprise!), like your favorite chubby cat or shaggy dog that you like to pet all day. The dense, soft and resilient hair grabs powder face product very well and distributes it evenly.I think the strongest point of the brush is picking and airbrushing shimmery products on(when overuse can lead to the birth of a human disco ball). 

However,the very same strength also means that it has a tendency to eat up more products than other natural haired brushes, while I don't mind my blushers getting used up faster, I do get irked when my brush becomes unfresh...The absorbent quality also means that I have to wash it a lot more often (did I mention it takes forever and a day to dry?). Anyway, brush-washing business aside, the softness of the brush more than made of for any minor "flaw" it has because it's that good...See,even pretty little boy Alex likes it...
Ok,I do not claim any right on Alexander-the-first-grader (I did take the picture, albeit it's a bit too blurry for my "blog standard") so until his sister starts to yell at and attack me physically...I am keeping it up here. Let's keep our fingers crossed that she would be too busy to check out any blogs these few days...
Overall: Too Faced Retractable Kabuki brush is totally approved by your friend the albino squirrel (do you have a test today? Maybe you will get an A for reading this!),me and Alex the pretty boy.It might be a tad expensive but it worths every penny.


  1. aww this sounds like a great brush! I actually prefer synthetic brushes these days. natural ones can be scratchy!

  2. I love the brush demonstration that Alex is doing in the left photo! Who is he?

    I already have the EcoTools Bronzer Brush, which seems very similar so I think I will pass on this brush since $30 is a lot..

    Great review though!

  3. Nic Nic:
    I like synthetic brush only for tight-lining and all over powder. Otherwise natural bristles tend to give me better control. Anyway, it is a great brush for poweder/blush.

    Alex is my friend's brother (hence the mini disclaimer), he actually wasn't demonstrating the brush, more like hogging it (he loves it because it's so soft!) I have purchased the eco tool brush and while the hair seems pretty nice, I do think Too Faced is a lot smoother to the touch and the metal case is a lot tougher compared to the recycled aluminum from ecotool.

  4. I have the Retractable Kabuki brush from EcoTools that you are talking about and I am not a big fan of it, but I was actually talking about the EcoTools Bamboo Bronzer Brush:

    Not sure if you can click that link, but the Bronzer Brush is a LOT better than the retractable kabuki! I recommend it. :)

  5. definitely my next brush to get^0^~

  6. Rita:
    I will be sure to check that one out. I meant to get an ecotool brush for quite sometime but it just seems that the brand never goes on sale in Walgreens.

    I hope you will like it :)


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