Monday, April 11, 2011

Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel

Boscia (owned by Fancl) is a Japanese skin care range focusing on natural ingredients, light finish (from my experience) and being preservative free. Beside their official site, the brand is available at Ulta, Sephora and certain Bath and Body Works. I am not particularly familiar with the brand so all I know what that their blotting paper seems to be quite effective. 
Boscia purifying cleansing gel, retailing for around 20 dollars,was part of my friend's skincare haul a while back. While she liked the lip balm as well as sun lotion (I have tried it and the finish is rather light, moisturizing and comfortable), the cleanser "didn't help/if not worsened" her sporadic breakouts so I ended up be the new owner, since it was hanging there anyway (plus I ran out my Shiseido cleansing foam). 

I am not an expert on reading ingredients/assigning functions to each but this cleanser does seem to contain quite a bit of natural goodness while being sulfate(the harsh cleansing agent)-free.

Back to the cleanser itself: It has a runny jelly texture and a really pleasant faint grassy/floral scent that somehow reminds me of an Anna Sui cleansing gel I have tried (which even has a similar pump like this).The foaming power of Boscia is reasonable, not as much as the Shiseido (but that's a workhorse itself).The bubbles are smooth and fine (have you ever encounter those big bubbles that burst within a second, leaving you with soapy water?)and is sufficient cleansing up my day-face, which includes sunscreen and sometime concealer and blush. After cleansing, my face feel clean but not tight (but I actually like a squeaky clean feel, especially right before applying moisturizer) and well-conditioned.

Overall: I think it's a well-formulated cleanser that's gentle and effective(it cleans, that's it. It's not like it has made any other claims/promises). I would say it's better than many drugstore cleansers I have tried (especially I don't need to use a heck lot each application) but I personally prefer Shiseido white lucent cleansing foam over it as it's gentle, more effective and has a better unit price (a 34 dollar tube would last me for at least 8 months since I need so little each time).

P.S. One of the reasons I used it up (took me less than 2 months to finish up the 80% full bottle)so quickly was the pump bottle,I always use it a hand soap since it was so handy was right there.

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