Friday, April 01, 2011

The Blooming of Lemming

There is no April Fool's joke here in Citrine's Blog (I am lame like this), instead here is a little reading list as well as a lemming list for the early spring.
Little (wild) purple flower (again, don't know the name)

The joy of dressing up your iPhone(that I don't have, lucky for my wallet)- Yuki

Shiseido Maquillage Rouge Enamel Glamour lip color/gloss Swatchfest - Fuzkittie

Why pay for MAC when you can get the 8-dollar Milani? - Cosmetics Aficionado

Outfit of the day with floral harem pants and matching heels- Tomoko

A killer look with silvery charcoal seafoam green eyes - theNotice

Be Pretty in Pink with Sleek Pout Polish - Beautiful with Brains

While it's unlikely for me to get any of those above items (the packaging for Milani is too bulky/Shiseido Mauqillage costs too much/don't feel like paying shipping for Sleek),I have been seriously thinking about doing a blogger-fueled purchase: Getting a girlfriend...
 I mean the GF model from Panasonic Lumix...Yuki uses GF1 and it seems to perform wonderfully in terms of capturing colors and dimension.The only problem I have would be the price: For some reason the new model, GF2 is a good deal cheaper (it costs around 500 bucks, body only) than their first model(at least 1000 bucks with one lens)...

I have no problem with them releasing new, "better" (GF2 is more compact and has more functionalities) models for a cheaper price, I just don't like the fact that GF2 also comes with touch screen. Sure, it might be convenient for many but for people like me (near-sighted people who don't like to wear glasses, keep their stuff at random places, have a tendency to sit/step on their possessions... Remember the tragic accident that took the life of my Shu Uemura eyelash curler? Well...the same damned thing happened once twice again, with both of my Shiseido curlers!), buying anything with a touch screen is an tragedy in the making.

So I new girlfriend (or expensive lash curler) for me...
In the other hand,I am also kind of interested in Sony DSLR a300,the beginner SLR from the brand I trust and currently using.The price of the camera, along with a basic lens, seems to be pretty reasonable (cheaper than both models of GF)but I bet getting macro lens would cost another arm and leg...I think I am getting a headache just talking about these tech-related things so let's just switch topic abruptly and talk about makeup instead...

Have you guys seen the new promo image for Chanel summer collection Les Fleurs d'Été? I love everything about the post, the nails, the lips, the hair and (most importantly) the gorgeous model but...Jac's expression confuses me, it looks like she just saw some middle-age men with questionable beach attire and goes...
"Ouch, what on earth is he wearing?"  

I guess high end fashion is not meant to be easily comprehended by us mortals(did I mention I didn't get the black tube top / hairpin made of leather and feathers ?)... Anyway,I think I will just wait a bit for bloggers to find out dupes for the nail dusty pink cream nail polish. I mean, paying full prices for these items won't make me look like Jac anyway so why bother trying?


  1. for the price of the sony you can get a Canon rebel for cheaper and they have more lens options. Which with a camera like that it's more about the quality of the lenses than the body :)

  2. Thanks for the link love, I really appreciate it. :)

  3. Katie:
    My roommate owns a Rebel XTi and I have played with it for a few times, the images are sharp and it gives that artsy "blurry background" feel but I don't think it's what I want my newbie DSLR to be (maybe I just have some special feeling about Sony camera and/or want something different from her)...Thanks for your advice though, now I think I need to look through all the lens options before getting an new camera.

    Don't mention it.

  4. Getting a good macro lens can definitely be rather expensive. I love my basic Tokina, but it can be a bitch to focus (no autofocus = dying arms trying to hold still)...

  5. Rocaille:
    That sounds like a lot a work for a "basic" lens...Anyway, if I were to get a DSLR, I would probably get a zoom lens first since the reason I want a new camera is to take pictures of animals and such (and I actually am quite fond of the macro mode on my current camera).

  6. That is a preyty combination lovely color.

  7. There are a lot of good lenses out there for a reasonable amount of money. You don't have to buy something that's $1000s of dollars.

    check out

    They have a lot of cameras to choose from and lenses.

    The blurry parts on the picture are bokeh :) I think I'm going to get the t2i which is about $700 and then get a 50mm lense ($100) and then get a wide angle which is around $395 or so.

  8. I LOL-ed so hard at the caption on the Chanel ad!! Yes, I would love to wait for dupes on that pink nail polish too! It's gorgeous.

  9. Katie:
    Hah, that's what "blurry part" is called...

    Revlon might dupe it again later this year but then again I am really not a fan of their formula (most of the time, the scented one not so blueberry is alright).


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