Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Milani Lip Mixer Color, Shine and Shimmer Gloss in Lip Fuse

Milani Lip Mixer (Color, Shine and Shimmer) Lip Glossis a tri-layered lip gloss, while the layers look cool in the tube, they bound to get mixed up when you start using it. The shade I picked is Lip Fuse, a mauve pink with silver shimmer.
I have nothing to say beside that you are pretty much getting it all (color, shine and shimmer!) with this, Milani lip products usually work pretty well for me and this is no exception. 


  1. Wow that's really pretty. So shiny like what's seen on magazines >.<

  2. Ooh, this product looks promising. I like tinted lipglosses. :D It looks great on you too!

  3. Your lips look incredibly juicy and just all around gorgeous. I've got to get a lip mixer. :D

  4. I love this! it gives out a super sheer color but the sparkles are too gorgeous up close!


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