Monday, March 21, 2011

MAC Mineralized Blush in Moon River - Healthy Peachy Highlighter

Yes, this is indeed the Moon River from MAC 2009 Grand Duo collection...Not that my blog efficiency is so bad that now it takes me two years to finish up a post (one year is more of my style or I would just end up forgetting about it altogether). The blush just happens to be a part of inter-residential makeup swap.(Long story short: Roommate wanted my Thrrrob, I hesitated. She add MAC as through-in, I caved.)
MAC mineralize blush in Moon river is a dome-shaped, baked blush with "Blue pink mélange / Pale yellow pink". The coral eye-candy (actually the whole collection seemed like a range of eye candy, with relatively little practicality) was one of the two shades I was initially interested, however, it was later put aside as I was so determined to get the pink one.
Moon River swatched on the back of my hand - the multi-colored veined side on the left,coral side in the middle and both sides swirled together. For the veined side, after mixing the lilac, gold, orange and pink, all you get is an anticlimax - white. The coral part actually shows up nicely but it would take quite a bit of work (or a small blush brush that I don't have/plan to buy) just picking up one side so I usually just swirl them together, for a highlighting effect with a hint of coral.
Moon River gives a subtle glow that doesn't appear oily (it doesn't enhance pores simply because I don't apply blush where my pores are), like the other Mac mineralize blush I have tried, the staying power of this is somewhat poor that with an moisturizer and powder blush as base, this only managed to stay on for around 3 hours...But then again, I am a chronic face-rubber so this might work better for someone who would know better to not touch her face. A stickier/ more proper base would also help, I suppose.
Overall:Moon River is a lovely highlighter that gives a fresh glow/suppleness to the skin that's difficult to overdo. I really like the effect and have been wearing this (I like to dust it on top of soft pink blushes to enhance the color a bit) for quite a few times...I like it and I think having one product like this is enough for me.
Speaking of moon, do you know that we(the residents of planet earth)are having Supermoon(a full moon on lunar perigee, making it appear a lot larger than it usually does)these two days? I was lucky enough to get some pictures taken (also unlucky enough to have a bird pooped on the back my head right after that= =)with my beloved Sony...not too shabby (see the craters?) for an unarmed point-and-shoot with natural(bad) lighting, right?


  1. the name is so beautiful~moon river~very pearly the moonstone hehe

  2. That blush is so pretty! The colors and the shine~ it looks nice on you too. :] I didn't get a good look at the moon this past weekend...but what a phenomenon.

  3. You are so lucky you got a shot of the moon, I was so busy with my friend's baby shower that night and I missed it!!!!

  4. Stellarvixen:
    I think it would be so pretty if they come up with an eyeshadow called "moonstone", I imagine it to be a sheer silvery white that flashes purple.

    I mean, you guys still have the chance since moon don't wane just all of a sudden. (I took the picture on Friday and the supermoon was supposed to show up on Sunday).


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