Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Yes To Blueberries, Aveeno Skin Care and Roc Makeup

Yes To Blueberries Anti-aging collection that promises to repair skin and reduce fine lines. 
Aveeno Smart Essentials - the packging is so cute!
RoC Brilliance Primer anti-aging for face and eye/lash (so Roc is doing makeup now?)- I thought the naming is confusing since it doesn't look like something that's use on eyelashes, more like an eye primer with a lash-strengtening formula...


  1. I agree with you, the packaging of Aveeno Smart Essential looks very pretty. I'd love to try something from this range. :)

  2. The yes to blueberries line looks interesting. I have heard good things about yes to carrots. ^0^ Got to hit the drugstore soon, haha~

  3. cherry wu...

    i have a carrots balm and it is AWESOME!!!


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