Saturday, February 19, 2011

NYX Matte Lip Cream and Studio Liquid Eyeliner

Spotted these at ULTA just the other day, I am not sure if they are all new(I don't like to shop for drugstore products online) but at least it was the first time I see them.
NYX studio liquid eyeliner (would love it if it were a year ago).
Matte Lip Cream (that totally sounds like my sort of thing!) and sheer tube glosses(I wouldn't mind trying out that creamy red one but I thing these glosses all have that kind of brush-head applicator, which I can't stand...).


  1. Pretty packaging on the glosses there :).

  2. Are you going to try the matte lip cream? I really want to know how they work~

  3. Cherry:
    I might give it a try if it's ever cheap enough for me but at the moment I try not to buy lip product unless it's on clearance (more than 75% off).

  4. I always love NYX products because I always love to experiment on my make up a LOT and they are very affordable too :)


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