Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Nivea Creme (The German One)

I am a local shopper in principle, not that kind of person who preach to support local economy in an extreme measure, I simply don't try very hard for products that are not easily accessible. For the cases  of Lancome Chris and Tell lipstick and French dessert macaron, if something interesting also happens take days to hunt for, the object of interest would just lose all its appeal to me...I mean, tons of brands do coral lipstick and why would I want (spend big money) hunting for a exotic spongy (in my book, spongy = soggy = bad) sweet when I can strive for something much cooler? Like Tanghulu, fresh Chinese hawthorn berries glazed with rock candy...

So why are you looking at an European drugstore item in my blog anyway? Does it mean that it's so good that I went through all the trouble finding it? I will tell you straight a head, "Nope".
Made In Germany Nivea Creme(aka the Germany Nivea), from what I have heard, it's a body cream that is also used (and loved) as a facial moisturizer and it has been a hot topic on many beauty blogs. I have been constantly seeing people comparing the holy-jar with its American/Mexican/Thai counterpart or even "your highness" Creme de La Mer (because it has similar ingredient or something). Being indifferent about other people's opinions, the raving didn't help either...The real turn of events started last summer:

A friend of mine happens to be in Europe for a study abroad program, beside the great food, sight-seeing, nice host mother, lots of booze and a perfect environment for her language learning, she also received warm welcome from your friends the bedbugs, who didn't hesitate to show their hospitality by leaving her bites allover the body...As a part of the prescription, Nivea creme was suggested by the Italian doctor, to calm the irritation on her face. I got to try it out when she came back with the humongous jar, most of which unused.
Now back to topic,the German Nivea Creme is thick (very thick) and creamy that it looks almost edible in the jar.

Scent - It's has soft, powdery, sort of an approachable grandma type of fragrance.I wouldn't call it pleasant but the smell actually grew on me.

Finish - As expected from a thick cream like that, it does leave a sheen/oily residue on the face. The sheen does get absorbed...when I wake up the next day.

Consistency- Really thick and takes a lot of effort blending. I didn't sense the product melting as a rub it in (yes, I mean rubbing)and every time I use it it feels like am pulling my face and creating wrinkles in the process.Some might argue that it's due to the surrounding temperature (we did has a big storm here after all) but the item is kept in a moderate temperature all the time...And why would I use it in the heat of summer anyway?

Performance - For my normal skin (on my face) it's way too emollient and occlusive. Not only it doesn't provided much hydration, it also give some break out whenever I use it.

Overall-I could see this as a life saver for people with ultra-dry skin but it can't be that great for a person with normal skin, especially when she lives in the cowboy state of Texas.


  1. I've been curious about this because of the raves. It's nice to know that it's not anything special, as I can't find it :)

    How did your friend get rid of the bedbugs? My bf had a problem with them in Singapore and I am kinda worried about visiting him now :P

  2. Kuri:
    Maybe it is a miracle worker but I don't think the thick cream is good for warmer climate...

    Most of her bed bugs were on her legs, for which the doctor perscribed an small(and expensive) oinments called something like "Farga" , I am not sure if you can get it outside of Italy though...


  4. How do you recognize if its American or European cream (can you see in package)? Nivea soft is also different (European, American) and how you recognize which is it?


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