Sunday, February 27, 2011

Milani Violet Rouge Metallic Marble Eyeshadow

Some pictures of the Milani makeup displays (the products aren't necessarily new).
Milani Violet Rouge features all products from their permanent display -Since when did Milani come from Paris?
Baked eyeshadow (I have posted pictures of the these but with a different display poster) singles.
Milani Marble eyeshadow - It seems that Milani is getting rid of some palettes to makes space for these single.

P.S. Yay! Natalie Portman won Oscar for best actress, she totally deserve it (OK, I didn't watch other nominees' films)!

P.P.S. Anne Hathaway's last dress totally made her chest looks like a guy's muscle (such a shame since her coiffure and makeup were so nice).

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