Thursday, January 20, 2011

Essence Fairytale Limited Edition Makeup Collection

This might be old news for girls in European (it's supposed to be a holiday collection) but Essence Fairytale collection finally show up at my grocery store!
 Essence Fairytale is a gray/silver/lilac themed collection with lots of shimmer and sparkle.
 All four eyeshadow (for the 2 dollar price, Essence eyeshadow works pretty well)contains micro glitter that gives a nice glow.(they are in various shade of silvery gray and lilac or something in between,the peach looks like it could be a nice blush as camera doesn't work well with artificial lighting so they all ended up looking dull).

The liquid eyeliner at the back also seem quite interesting...with that purply taupe tone it gives.
My favorite part of this collection would be the nail polish, which are all intensely metallic and out of all the Essence products I have tried, their nail polish would be my favorite.
The package of these Essence fairytale lip gloss are adorable and the tube also seems rather tough and scratch-resistant. I have my eyes on the red (maybe I should stop since I have way too many red glosses already) and the shimmery purple in the middle.


  1. ... omg you have decent makeup at the grocery store? I am officially packing my bad and heading out of Canada!

  2. Maki:
    Yes,the makeup/beauty session in American grocery is usually the same size as that from drugstore/Walmart, which is a decent selection.It's nicer than Walmart since they do have sales on top of already-low price line.

  3. The Fairytale LE has been sold out soooo fast in Germany.
    I couldn't find it in my normal drugstore but saw it at another one and the display was nearly empty. I was lucky enough to get two of the nailpolishes (Welcome to Wonderland & Pixie Dust)

  4. The nail polishes look pretty but nothing else has caught my eye. The shades look lovely but dupable.


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