Thursday, January 27, 2011

Early Spring Blog Reading List

It has been a long while since I last did a reading-list post(I didn't see anything that I was dying to share) but I will try to come up with one every once in a while just so that I have can put up those random pictures I have taken.
Re-Ment Hamster in a Hat that belongs to my roommate

Majolica Majorca's Spring 2010 Sugar Trap Collection looks like a wonderland for candy lover!

I wonder why haven't I ever tried these Cargo blushes before,.(If you missed out the MAC A Bite of an Apple, Key Largo looks like a reasonable dupe).

Tarte also does a lip and cheek stain now and the compact is adorable!

Not quite spring-like but whatever - Snowkei's Parisien soft smokey eyes.

Pagoda Candy-  A little hand-made porcelain accessories store. The actual pagoda candy is a  sickening sweet candy that kids in China eat to get rid of the pest in  their intestine. And may I mention that Xinyuan made a perfect model for these little pieces ? One should never estimate the power of net idols.

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