Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Bourjois Eau de Gloss - Fraise Glacé

Bourjois is a brand that confuses me: It's supposed to be the Wet n Wild of France but it's quite expensive (12 bucks for a tiny pot of eyeshadow...Hello? Wet n Wild do if for under 2 bucks!) and sold alongside all the other high end products in ULTA and Sephora...Well, I guess that's the power of markup. What am I expecting, Maybelline and Revlon have their own counters in China anyway. 
Being marketed as "Glossy but non-sticky" Bourjois Eau de Gloss,unlike most products shown on commercials, does exactly what it promises: provides shine, moisture and comfort when it's worn. The test tube packaging is interesting and unique but the while plastic is not that resistant to pressure that it already cracked.I swear I didn't sit on it.

Bourjois Eau de Gloss Fraise Glacé is a medium(actually it's quite pigmented for a gloss) raspberry red with tiny purple micro glitters. The texture lies between watery and jelly and feels very comfortable on the lips. The red pigments have a tendency to sink to my lip line due to the watery texture (the solute isn't held up in place by thicker medium) but it's not that bothersome since it doesn't get on as a thick layer anyway.

BTW. Did you see those little crystals on my top lips...I think that's the sugar it contains (why?).


  1. Ooh, the texture and pigmentation sounds very appealing! Not that I need more gloss, heh.
    That's too bad that the packaging has cracked already though.

  2. Hey, I just discovered your blog couple months ago, I love your honest and funny review.
    Btw, Bourjois is famous for their fun but filmsy packaging, so yeah, they tend to crack, boohoo.
    I read about the Bourjois eyeshadow review, didn't know they are a sister company of Chanel. But Bourjois is one of the first cosmetic companies, and in fact, the first to create bake powder blusher,and was instant best seller, because their texture was fine and felt comfortable unlike the greasepaint there were sold at the time, that's why their blushers are so famous.
    This feels like a Boujois paid advertisement as I go on, but no, I'm not related to them in anyway(I wish!), I just happen to have to The Fashion Book with me.

  3. Kuri:
    I am actually not that surprised about the packaging though. Revlon is the only brand I have seen so far that has packaging as tough as that of a high end gloss.

    Sami Bear:
    Thanks:) Anyway, I think some of their eyeshadows has very nice texture /color selection but the round pot worries I have already accidentally stepped on 3 of those comact already. I wanted to try more of their blushers as well but it becomes more diffcult to get them nowadays...

  4. Replies
    1. It has a standard brush wand applicator (it's just that the lid looks "scientific").


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