Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Almay Smart Shade Balance Pressed Powder Wake Up Mineral Foundation

Almay Smart Shade Balance Pressed Powder allows you to adjust the outcoming shade with their dark brown spots and two white strips at the center. The idea seems quite practical to me...I don't know how they would work out though.
Wake Up Mineral Foundation from Almay looks a lot like Revlon's new foundation (at least package wise)


  1. I've tried "shade adjusting" products before and they suck (on me anyways). I'm NC15 and even the lightest shades don't work. If you're darker I see the appeal and it's a neat concept. I'll stick with my bb creams in the meantime. :D

  2. C:
    I am guessing it would make more sense they market it for seasonal skintone change (than saying one out of these three would give anybody a "perfect match"). I guess BB cream would be a nice choice since they tend to be more sheer than regular foundation.

  3. the white base scares me... most undertones aren't stark white!

  4. I love that wake up hydrating powder from almay!


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