Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Sally Hansen Ultra Soothing Lip Tint (It's just a clear gloss, really.)

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Ultra Soothing Lip Tint is sheer gloss with jelly texture. If you watch TLC's What Not to Wear (I am not sure how much would I like when someone try to butt in, make fun of my "style" and tell me how to dress like one of them...but I guess it's an entertaining show, just like that people of walmart website?) you will see Carmindy using one of these glosses to add a little shine on those newly-emerged beauties.
I have gotten two of these Sally Hansen lip tint, one in red and one in deep plummy/berry shade, both of them end up looking completely colorless. It(the plummy shade called Melon) doesn't even show on my deathly pale arm (mind you, I picked the two deepest shades because I heard somewhere that these glosses are notoriously sheer).
While I got no color pay-off whatsoever,(like most Sally Hansen lip products) it is indeed very soothing and comfortable to wear and gives a understated/natural shine.


  1. Your lips look really moist! I wonder when my lips will look that way? :D

  2. Bummers. I got an NYX gloss some time ago in a very deep, berry pink color thinking it'd be pretty sheer, but no, it's actually a full on, bold lip which I tend to sheer out/ blot for everyday use. You never know with those glosses, huh? x

  3. Nikki:
    Lol, with a little bit of clear gloss (I just use it as lip balm nowadays) your lips will look moist anytime!

    I actually wound't mind bold berry gloss (unless there is shimmer in it) I just don't get why would they do a whole range (with like 9 different colors) when they are all literally transparent...

  4. Oh it actually gave my lips a boost of colour, i got one of the red ones too, but the colour only lasted for about an hour or so
    I found mine at the dollarstore so w.e lol


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