Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cheap Thrills: Three Jade Bracelets

Unlike precious metal or other gem stones, which are all relatively pricey to start with. The expensive natural jade (jadeite) can cost well over a billion (the determining factors are colors, shades, textures, transparency size, craftsmanship and it's usually hard to draw an exact guideline)or be cheaper than grocery.
With bland colors, coarse texture,these bracelets usually don't go over 10 dollars.If you happen to stop by a street vendor/jeweler in Chinatown (or in China!), don't think that getting a A-category jade for 30 bucks is a great deal...Type A simply means that it's a piece of untreated jadeite (type B mean bleached and filled with polymer resin, Type C is colored and Type D means the it's faux jade like jasper, adventurine or other green stones of the sort) and it doesn't indicate the value of the piece at all.

So how can one tell the value? The answer: Shopping around.


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