Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle Jordana Anniversary Nail Color

A few new nail color displays from CVS and grocery store, I think everybody right now is hyped about the Revlon dupe of Chanel Paradoxal,haven't seen it anywhere yet (I am not going to worry to much since the shade seems to be permanent anyway).

Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle Nail color - featuring boring neutral as usual.

Jordanna released their Anniversary (it's their 25th year!) nail color collection featuring a few pretty purple shades.

(I know I posted about this Revlon Top Speed enamel a while ago.)  Here is a picture with better quality.


  1. I like the look of that really light minty looking green in the bottom left of the last photo! :-)

  2. The Sally Hansen minty green and lilac polishes look very pretty!

  3. HI there :)
    i'm just wondering if Sally Hansen still carries the Hidden Treasure nail polish shade? I do not live in the states but i will be visiting soon and I am really crossing my fingers that I get to see HIdden Treasure when I am there (",)

  4. Hazelnutt:
    I don't think they are available anymore. For me, I saw it(more like the name of the polish when it's already gone) more than half a year ago and they never restock the display.

  5. oh no ... :( thanks for letting me know though :)
    would u have any suggestions on something similar to hidden treasure?
    much appreciated (",)

  6. I heard that both Nfu-oh #49 and Nubar 2010 are rather similar to Hidden Treasure. I don't think either of them is available in US drugstore but at least they are cheaper than Sally Hansen online.

  7. ah :) thanks for the tip! really appreciate it (",)

    Oh yes, I enjoy checking out new goodies on your blog too (",)


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