Monday, November 22, 2010

NYC Kiss Gloss in Kicking Coral and Grape Crush

A few months back, NYC released a Pop Star Collection which includes these delicious-looking lip glosses in bright orange, coral, lilac as well as sheer cherry. As a limited edition/lip glosses lover, I simply had to try those out...
First, I picked up NYC kiss gloss in Grape Crush - A creamy lilac that leans toward pink (by a tad bit). At a glance, this looks like a black horse of the whole display because it's the kind of a fashion forward shade (shimmer-free lilac are just not very easy to spot at drugstore) you can get from MAC. The gloss turned out to be a lot less purple as I expected. In fact, Grape Crush blends so well to my natural lip color that all it does is adding a little bit of blue and brightens my natural (somewhat red) lip color.It's a bit disappointing but I can deal with it, at least the color is soft, wearable and the price is rather wallet friendly ($1.5 during sale).
The second shade I got is Kicking Coral - an orange-red with more of a jelly finish (I deliberately avoided buying lighter pink/orange from the Kiss Gloss range as someone said that the glosses from this line aren't usually pigmented) , it the default color of fruit punch and Popsicle, a great shade for summer seasons. However, I prefer using fruity colors for spring and fall, when my skin is usually paler.Kicking coral is just a teeny bit more pigmented than Grape Crush and while I can (sort of) tell that this is brighter/juicier than the other, the overall effect of the two glosses is pretty much the same: Brightens up dull lip color with either a tad bit of warmth or coolness (in tone). I guess there is really no point getting two shades from this range as they will turn out identical at the end.Beside the poor pigmentation, the two glosses also has a very gooey, starchy texture that is almost unbearable. But you know... having tried so many glosses, I am also kind of used to anything and everything.

Overall:Despite the texture and lack of pigmentation,I actually kind of like these glosses. They are very sheer that I can apply them without looking like a clown (my lips get very red during fall and winter), the starchy texture of the glosses offers great relief when my lips is peeling and bleeding, the tubes are soft and easy to squeeze...Last but not least, these candy colors just give me a really good mood whenever I take it out from my pocket...


  1. The good mood factor's important alright - I own some products I don't 'need' because they make me happy ;).

  2. Shoppingaholic:
    I can see why, they are cheap and fun to use.

    It sure is! I think the two MAC tendertone lip balms I have are the same kind of product, they don't look like much but they are really great smelling and fun to look at.

  3. sorry about it! i thought citing it was already ok. but ill ask next time.

  4. Cinnabunnie:
    Thanks for understanding. It's just that there are a few instances where people just throw "taken from Citrine's blog" and take whatever they want.I don't think it's OK, a piece of intellectual property is no different than an actual material.

    As for the direct linking,unless you give a link,I believe most people wounldn't bother copy and paste the whole part and check out the site,it's just too much work for them (just like how some people think it's too much for them to take the picture).


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