Monday, November 15, 2010

Denim Wanted Limited Edition Collection by Essence

Essence (a newly introduced drugstore brand that has similar price range as NYC and Wet n Wild) released a denim themed collection featuring eyeshadow duo, gel eyeliner, lip gloss, eyeliner pencil and iron-on patches for your denim wear(I loved things like that when I was in middle school)...
Even though the shades are somewhat boring, but it turns out that Essence's eyeshadow are fairly smooth and pigmented. There wasn't a brush for that tester gel liner so I didn't try, but I kind of wonder how well would it perform.


  1. I keep hearing about this brand, but have never seen it. The colors look pretty.

  2. Cosmetics Aficionado:
    It's probably because it's a "drugstore brand" that's not available in drugstores like Walgreens and CVS. Right now I have only spotted the brand at my local grocery store and ULTA.

  3. i've seen these mostly in ulta..... I think my walmart just carries the polishes. The e/s swatches seem pretty nice.

  4. The eyeshadows look lovely. I wanted to get the gel liners from this collection but when I went to the counter they were sold out. Actually, most of the collection was already sold out so I didn't get anything. :(

  5. Hell Notes for Beauty:
    I actually do like thier polish for the price.

    It happens all the time when you don't live closed to a drugstore and they they suddenly decided to release a bunch of interesting limited edition. It's nice that you guys have Essence though.

  6. Wow, that purply shadow on the lower right hand corner looks so pretty! Haven't seen these in my drugstores, though - I'm excited!


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