Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sally Hansen Gentle Lip Plumping Treatment in Serene

A year or two ago, my lip gloss collection was dominated by Sally Hansen: They are really wearable (to a degree that all of them look more of less identical) , comfortable to wear and always go on sale. Gradually, Sally Hansen has retracted many of their lip glosses and stopped releasing new ones, leaving only the Natural Beauty as their makeup collection. Luckily, you can still find their glosses for a discounted price at stores like Big Lots.
Sally Hansen Gentle Lip Plumping treatment (most of their glosses are called "treatment") in Serene is a sheer red gloss that leans towards raspberry.Unlike other lip plumper I have tried (which irritate the lips and make them swell up) , this gloss fill up and fine lines, moisturizes the lips, making them fuller- looking. During the whole plumping process, there is minimal discomfort (I can't feel a tad bit of itchiness but it's not at all bothersome) and the baked sweet scent is quite pleasant as well (you know, many lip plumper smell/taste like medicine).

Overall: One of my favorite sheer red and it's perfect for fall/winter time when your lips are starting to dry up.


  1. looks wonderful and your lips definitely looks PLUMP!!!!


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