Wednesday, October 06, 2010

MAC Disney Venomous Villains Collection Impression and Lipstick Swatches

Do you know how much I love Disney? Well, for an fully grown-up (I mean my eyesight stops getting worse, that got to be a sign!) , responsible and mature (not sure about this part) adult, I have an embarrassing amount of Mickey mouse products: socks, T-shirts, bag, binder, silverware...I even have a Mickey Mouse pendant carved out of jade!

What I am trying to say is that, as much as I want to remain a kid forever/even I know I just can't = =...I can always count on some creepy-looking jade accessories (my friends said it was creepy but I like it!) , a few episodes of Disney Channel shows (the new ones aren't nearly as good as the old ones) or ...A Disney inspired makeup collection! Come on, Disney and lipstick, am I dreaming or something?
Ok, I wasn't really that excited about the MAC x Disney Venomous Villains Collection (I am never really hyped about MAC). I just knew that I would at least want one item from the collection...Yes, for the limited packaging.

Enough rambling, let's talk about lipsticks (By the way, I gave up on MAC lipglasses after knowing that the pretty pattern get scratched off so easily, not to mention their overall performance isn't really any better than those Super Lustrous glosses from Revlon) !
MAC x Disney Venomous Villains features six lipsticks in contrasting colors: There are sheer nude like the Innocence Beware!, neon bright like Toxic Tale, Heartless and Violetta and the vampy ones as Dark Deed / Sinister. The colors are nice and so is the packaging (OK, maybe not nearly as cute as the ones from Liberty of London collection) but I just don't think there is anything special about any of the colors...even when it comes to the most eye-catching (I will leave Violetta out since it's in the pro collection) neon coral Toxic Tale, I already have a drugstore dupe for it.

And as usual, I skipped eyeshadow/grease paint stick simply because I suck at applying them, as for the nail polishes, both were sold out at my local counter. The blushes/beauty powders from this collection are fairly interesting, but you know...blushes don't look all that different once it's applied on the cheek thinly. (Ahem, I still bought one anyway because I liked the packaging = =)

Overall: While the concept is pretty cool but the most of the products from this collection can be duped quite easily with cheaper brands.

Side Note: Is it just me or that Doctor Facilier mirror is totally hideous? I mean, it's not even well made when you look at the interior!

Anyway, what do you think of Mac's Venomous Villains, did you/are you planning to buy any items from this collection?


  1. May I ask what drugstore lisptick is a dupe of toxic tale? thank you!

  2. Toxic Tale is gorgeous! But I agree with you, the shades in this collection are easily dupable and nothing special so I just skipped it altogether.

  3. Anon:
    It's Maybelline color sensational lipstick in Coral Crush(the one with red lid). Ok, the colors look identical to me but I think the mac formula is creamier.

  4. thank you for the reply! i did check out the color today and you are right, it is quite similar (:

  5. A DISNEY MAKEUP COLLECTION? wow, never saw that coming. you're right, i found identical shades to every on of those colors at my local walgreens! lol...


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