Tuesday, October 12, 2010

L'Oreal Nail Polish in Color of Hope

What do you think is the color of hope? I think it would be something like golden orange/yellow (you know, the rising sun) or ocean blue but according to L'Oreal, the color of hope is purple...If you ask me what's their rationale, I think they are just being lazy (as they have already released a few collection with the same title)...
Color of Hope (from the fall 2010 L'Oreal Color of Hope collection) is a medium to deep purple with a touch of gray, with dimmer lighting, the shade looks somewhat like grape juice.

Formula wise, this shade is just creamy/runny enough that it's quite easy to apply. I am not sure if it applies to all L'Oreal nail polishes (as this is the first one I have tried) but it doesn't dry very smoothly/give a glossy shine (sometime there are even some air bubbles getting in, resulting bumpy finish) and the polish itself wear off within a day with minimal typing involved.
With a stronger lighting/direct sunlight, L'Oreal in Color of Hope shows more of a grayish base, my friend said it looks like bruise but I think bruise is cool for the season :) .


  1. it looks matte right? never tried matte nail polishes but you're right, its not a bad color for a bruise (winks)

  2. Nikki:
    It's supposed to be smooth but it dries bumpy = =

    Thanks for liking my blog but I am afraid I can't add you to my reading list (I can't read Japanese).

  3. I like the color. but then again i'm a sucker for purple/grey

  4. Looks like Rimmel's Steel grey, just a little more purple. Like the shade though~^0^

  5. their 'color of hope' collection is released each year in conjunction with an effort to support research for ovarian cancer. The colors change a bit from year to year, but the name of the campaign doesn't

  6. Hi there:
    Thanks for telling me and that's really nice of them, doing this kind of collection without a huge banner boasting about what they are doing (all those breast cancer awareness collections are getting on my nerve...)


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