Monday, September 13, 2010

Sonia Kashuk Breast Cancer Awareness Brush Collection

Sonia Kashuk released yet another brush/makeup collection for the breast cancer awareness month this year.

I thought those brushes looks very flimsy and scratchy...

It's funny every year Sonia Kashuk did this kind of collection, they never mention how much they would donate to the charity...


  1. it does look scratchy on photos! I am not expecting it to come from Sonia Kashuk.

  2. I bought a similar set of hers some time ago and while the brushes (the eye brushes in particular!)are sort of scratchy the blush brush has become my favorite brush of all time! The pink is cute though!

  3. The pink look very pretty but I agree, they look scratchy.

  4. i have it and only the 2 smaller brushes are scratchy. but theyre not very bad. only if you dig it into your skin...


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